Dotty Trailer – cinematography by John Hicks

when searching the blog today I realised that I hadn’t yet uploaded the trailer for ‘Dotty’.
With so many social media platforms – it’s hard to keep up sometimes so, without further ado, here it is!!!
Currently picking up awards for Best Actress for the luminous Sadie Frost at the Hollywood Independent Film Festival and selected for many other prestigious competitions   – you can read more about it  here via the London, Hollywood blog of writer Dominic Wells.

Dotty Trailer – cinematography by John Hicks from John Hicks on Vimeo.



e-on the set-of-Dotty-with-john-hicks

recently finished working as the cinematographer on a new short film ‘Dotty’ directed by Ben Charles Edwards,
starring Sadie Frost and Rudy Law.

Dotty is a touching film which begins when a lonely 9 year old boy stumbles across a modest caravan in the American Midwest. Inside the caravan lives Dotty, an eccentric but kind women old enough to be his grandmother.
Dotty invites the boy into her rainbow decorated caravan which is littered with exotic memorabilia from her past, and in particular an incredible collection of brightly coloured shoes.

The boy, who has a hidden sadness he won’t discuss is momentarily able to forget about his troubles as he and Dotty embark on a journey of discovery.

Currently in the edit suite the finished film should be released soon. In the meantime here’s a behind the scenes shot of me in action

Helle Frederiksen

screen grabs from a recent commercial with Nike sponsored triathlete Helle Frederiksen






Helle Frederiksen by John Hicks

Surf Portraits – ‘The Impossible Dream’

‘The Impossible Dream’ is the surreal visual journey of young surfer Will Davey immersed in a world of water, waves and wipeouts – endlessly searching for perfection and a path to his ultimate destiny.
I started out as a student shooting black and white film with the red filter – which I hand printed on high contrast paper for added emphasis. I loved the monochrome cinematography of Andrei Tarkovsky and the wide angled world of photographers like Bill Brandt so I guess with this project I’ve returned to my roots and to the people that first inspired me to pick up a camera.

will davey surfer by john hicks

will davey surfer by john hicks

will davey surfer by john hicks