Dotty Trailer – cinematography by John Hicks

when searching the blog today I realised that I hadn’t yet uploaded the trailer for ‘Dotty’.
With so many social media platforms – it’s hard to keep up sometimes so, without further ado, here it is!!!
Currently picking up awards for Best Actress for the luminous Sadie Frost at the Hollywood Independent Film Festival and selected for many other prestigious competitions   – you can read more about it  here via the London, Hollywood blog of writer Dominic Wells.

Dotty Trailer – cinematography by John Hicks from John Hicks on Vimeo.


Tim Hetherington 1970 – 2011

Tim Hetherington – gone too soon from this world in a life lived on the front line and shared so sincerely with us all in images and on film.
If we all take the time to look at his work his journey will not have been in vain.