Two music videos that caught my eye at the recent London Short Film Festival were House by Cool Fun from director Prano Bailey-Bond featuring beautifully eerie cinematography by BAFTA winning DoP Annika Summerson

and also The Marching Song by Esben and the Witch directed by Peter King and David Procter

Great work!!! Inspirational, original and arresting imagery in motion.

Cinematography ShowReel 2012

Cinematography ShowReel so far….for me it’s an ongoing, always evolving and ever inspiring work in progress.
Here’s the first 100 seconds…..

music by Devendra Banhart

John Hicks – Cinematography ShowReel from John Hicks on Vimeo.


I had a lot of fun making this short film. It doesn’t really have a story to tell. There’s no psycho babble message to convey. It’s just me and a group of guys having a blast, running down corridors, setting off smoke bombs and lighting fires in car tyres.
I found this great location, this amazing derelict building with a bunch of Colombians playing Paintball in its ruins and
I got to film the images that crowded my head.
I saw the golden light and I followed it……

paintball by john hicks

paintball team by john hicks

paintballer by john hicks

sergio paintball by john hicks

cesar paintball by john hicksband of brothers by john hicks

Danfung Dennis

Sometimes you read so much about an upcoming new media project that, inevitably, you can only be disappointed by the results. Not so with Danfung Dennis
I’ve read so many rave reviews about his upcoming movie Hell and Back Again which was all shot hand held on a customised rig on the Canon 5D Mk II.
Recent recipient of scores of awards including the prestigious Sundance Film Festival 2011 Grand Jury Documentary Prize AND World Cinema Cinematography Award, I have to be honest and admit that, when I first saw the official 60 second trailer, i wasn’t overly impressed BUT I just saw it as Battle for Hearts and Minds which is what it was originally called and its totally mind blowing.
When someone can go into a war zone and shoot cinematic footage like this you’ve just got to hand it to the guy – he’s got real, raw talent. Awesome!!!!