behind the scenes still from new music video for THIEF

bts with john hicks for THIEF

Lady Winwoods Maggot

recent stills from a short film I’m working on with Lady Winwoods Maggot – whose music is best described as
‘The Clash mating with Johnny Cash’.

lady windwoods maggot

lady windwoods maggot


Two music videos that caught my eye at the recent London Short Film Festival were House by Cool Fun from director Prano Bailey-Bond featuring beautifully eerie cinematography by BAFTA winning DoP Annika Summerson

and also The Marching Song by Esben and the Witch directed by Peter King and David Procter

Great work!!! Inspirational, original and arresting imagery in motion.


a short film I made with contemporary dancer Marie Gabrielle Rotie after taking some stills on sunset.

As soon as I shot the stills I knew I wanted to shoot moving film and I think it’s hard, if not impossible, to do both in the same space of time. When I’m shooting stills I see the motion and want to capture it and when I’m shooting motion I see the still frames that flicker past my eye and are committed to the moving image format.
It’s a fascinating conflict of interests to be caught up in.

Just like me, Marie is inspired by light, energy and movement and our photo shoot led to an artistic collaboration of motion that was all shot in one totally improvised afternoon.
I know the importance of pre productuon and planning in making a short film and I’m all up for it but when you get the chance don’t let your instincts down – just go for your shots and set your creativity free.