kalectiv – directors showreel

directing and producing short form projects, commercials, shorts, trailers, idents, virals and pop promos
Kalectiv have built an affiliation of visual artists capable of fulfilling any brief with freshness and originality.
Does it tell the story? Does it entertain? This is our Mantra.
If the medium is the message, then the word on the street is that we need a new kind of ‘hybrid’ film-maker….
someone with the skills of both director and stills photographer.

For me being part of such a Kalectiv crew of creativity is a real honour and seeing my work stand up with the blonde android in BladeRunner (aka Rutger Hauer from the Guinness Ads) just gives me goosebumps!!!!
Thanks again and huge respect to all.

Kalectiv Directors ShowReel

story behind the still

It was great to be asked by Digital Photographer to talk through the lighting techniques behind some of my still images.
I don’t think of myself as a technical so much as an instinctive photographer. I love watching the play of light and how it shapes, highlights and contrasts things. I think I have more of a feel for photography than a desire to analyse it. When I compose a shot it’s like having a band playing in my head and I arrange the lighting like a man who knows his music but isn’t interested in how the notes are formed.
I’m in awe of the whole gear head thing but I’m more of a ‘get out there and just do it’ guy so see if you can guess how I took this shot and then click on the image to find out for real.
john hicks story behind the still digital photographer