Story Behind The Still – FireBlower

I get asked about how I shot this image more times than any other.
Fire is more usually captured at dusk but the fact that these flames were caught in high light against a deep blue sky is what makes this picture so arresting.
Click on it to reveal the story behind the still image as seen in Digital Photographer
I’m a little late with this post so blame it on being lazy or just being out of touch in Lapland.

fireblower by john hicks

Squirt – story of a stunt rider

It’s always nice to be recognised for your work.
Sometimes it takes a while.
This was the very first audio visual I shot and now that I know more technically I can think of plenty to criticise about it but, above all, it’s got heart and it makes me proud to think others agree.
Thanks to Photography Served for showcasing!!!!

stunt horse rider by john hicks