my own backyard

sometimes it’s all too easy to ignore what’s in your own backyard…To think that better things lie way over the horizon and that you’ll only reach them if you travel far from where you come from to get them.

sometimes I think the further you travel down this creative road the harder it gets because you wanna get better at what you do, what you capture and what you see and the better you get the better you want to be….
I like making pictures. I take them all the time. Pressing the shutter on the world I see before me makes me feel whole. When I lose that feeling I go back to my roots and I photograph the ordinary things that surround me and embrace me and revive me.
I go back to the basics – to how I first started…To what made me want to be a photographer and a film maker in the first place and I try to rekindle that feeling and take pictures of the simple things close to home.

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