Early Work by John Hicks

I’m rubbish at archiving my own work.
The minute I’ve got the shot in camera I’ve lost interest in it and I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve left a trail of negatives and archive prints to their own fate – many lost along the way.
I came across these images of some of my early work just recently.
It’s frightening to see the pure and instinctive photographer I started out as become diluted by the business and the advice of so many people I really shouldn’t have listened to.
I didn’t have a clue technically but I spend my life now trying to get back to that place where I first started out – fresh, true, orignal and free

cars for scrap cash by john hicks

st pauls riots bristol by john hicks

artist by john hicks

artists by john hicks

drena de niro by john hicks

drena de niro

sarita choudhury by john hicks

sarita choudhury

Eric by John Hicks

2 Responses to “Early Work by John Hicks”
  1. Betty says:

    Beautiful images – especially fond of the final shot; really captures a transient mood.

  2. Tor Dahlin says:

    wonderful set of images John! – fresh, true, orignal and free …

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