Directing the Light Fantastic with Conrad Mess of Me.S.S. FilmMakers

Following on from an introduction at The Smalls Film Festival 2012, I’m excited to be working with the legendary Conrad Mess of Me.S.S. Film Makers on a new film project provisionally called ‘Dead End’ about lives tragically caught up in a ‘no win’, ‘dead end’ situation.
Conrad Mess is a prolific writer, international award winning director and short film maker who has just returned from filming Russian Roulette in Hollywood and is about to release his latest short The Asking Room.
What’s most interesting for me about Conrad (aka Luis Mieses) is that he has no formal training in film or photography but more important than any written qualification is his ability to see, feel and capture dramatic images with a cinematic vision that instinctively knows how to tell a great visual story…..I can’t wait to start shooting my friend!!!

3 Responses to “Directing the Light Fantastic with Conrad Mess of Me.S.S. FilmMakers”
  1. Conrad Mess says:

    Thanks my friend, I’m so excited about this project. I’m looking forward to work with you!

  2. I think the future of independent film making will be in creative collaboration so really looking forward to combining forces and challenging ourselves to go beyond what we’ve already achieved separately and together make a cinematic story that people get emotional about….For me, personally, it’s an honour to be working with you my friend!!

  3. S. Botello says:

    We are extremely supportive of Conrad Mess at the Mobil Film Festival. He is inspiring and proof that what is in your pocket can realize your dream to make Hollywood films and wonderful messages and stories through the lens of a cell phone. This is a future well worth investing yourself in. Conrad Mess is living proof that with a dream and a cell phone you really can make it. So don’t be a chicken. Do it. Make a movie with your cell phone! Thanks to Conrad for the inspiration he is spreading around the globe.

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