suspended in motion

I’m obsessed with movement and I just LOVE the way things fall through the sky and seem to hang there – suspended in motion. It’s my take on the ‘decisive moment’ and it doesn’t get much better than this Vincent Haycock Music Video for Mellowdrone

It reminds me of some shots I took one twilight of local kids playing on the trampoline in their backyard.
There’s something fearless and uninhibited and spontaneous about kids that we totally take for granted and never quite recapture as adults

Rafa Botello – twilight portraits shot on flash

shooting professional athlete Rafa Botello for my ‘Twilight Portraits’ series of images, I had the shot set up perfectly and was all prepped and ready for that all too short window of twilight that comes and goes in a flash.
Here you see the light and the balance is perfect but I had wanted to make this a moving image and just as Rafa set off his tyre blew out and he had to do a quick change…Fast as he was the light fell faster into the night to make this much of a differnce but while, to me at least, the top shot is more technically well balanced I still prefer the moving one below.

twilight portraits

I love shooting at twilight…I love the subtle beauty of the light and the changing colours and sometimes I just sit and watch it fade without ever pressing the shutter.
Sometimes I think I’m obsessed by light.

Its funny because, by default, you find yourself defined even if you don’t want to be or strive not to be.

I like to think of myself as someone who takes photos of anything that interests me.
Sometimes I’m the ‘flash’ guy.
Sometimes I’m just chasing the ambient looking for a natural light you don’t find with strobes.
Sometimes I shoot big moody skies with little people in the landscape.
Other times I shoot portraits wide angle, low angle and direct. But mostly, I don’t want to sit back in my comfort zone.
Mostly I just want to watch, capture and craft the ever changing light I see around me.