If I didn’t make images with my camera I’d want to be a graffiti artist…..Here’s some recent artwork I came across while out on the streets…

graffiti artwork

graffiti artwork

Cinematography ShowReel 2012

Cinematography ShowReel so far….for me it’s an ongoing, always evolving and ever inspiring work in progress.
Here’s the first 100 seconds…..

music by Devendra Banhart

John Hicks – Cinematography ShowReel from John Hicks on Vimeo.

See No Evil – Bristol 2011

I’m from Bristol.
I went to school in Lockleaze, scored 48 goals in one season for Bristol Boys and worked Saturdays in my dad’s shop on Stapleton Road.
Starting out I took photos for local what’s on guide Venue and got to check out crews like The Wild Bunch
some of whom would go on to form Massive Attack and Smith & Mighty who I went to school with.
At my mum’s house I had backdrops of original graffiti art by Delge aka 3D aka Robert Del Naja that would have been worth a bit – had I hung onto them.
Time, travel, fate and consequence have all moved us on from our birthplace and I haven’t been back in nearly a decade but this video reminds me that you can take the boy out of Bristol but you’ll never take Bristol out of the boy….
Special thanks and respect to Miles Johnson aka DJ Milo for sending me this link

graphics and graffiti

I love subtle light.
I love strong light.
I love, graphics, graffiti and urban decay.
I love hi tech and lo tech.
I love colour and black & white.
I love movement and static shots.
I want to keep my mind open and my eyes peeled for anything that catches them….